2018 Everyday Smoke

Smoking everyday can become a costly endeavor. One of the main ‘workhorses’ of the past years has been the Gurkha Prize Fighter. I’m not usually a big fan of connecticut wrappers, but this one in particular I’ve found to never disappoint. Found this gem in a local humidor.

This gorgeous Ecuadorian wrapper with a double binder combo of Indonesian and Ecuadorian goodness and last but not least. Dominican fillers.

With an effortless draw and a mildish flavor. Not to mention a ridiculously friendly price point.

This cigar has found a permanent home in my humidor.

If im with a virgin smoker, this is usually on the menu for introductory smokes.

One of the many many home- runs offered from the Gurkha catalog.

Coming in at 2-4$ on average it’s truly unbeatable.  A Robusto is the perfect size for that at work lunch smoke. I prefer the Gordo for home.

If you come across this cigar, feel free to share your experience.

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