Only the America will do!

One of the greatest pleasures as a father, was to see my son graduate basic training for the U.S. Army. An overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment mixed with love was the feeling of the day.

Due to the regulations on base as well as the weather. Smoking a cigar turned out to be quite the exercise. During the course of the day we were able to find a nice cigar lounge, off base.

We ended up at the Towne Centre  Tobacco & Wine Shop in Columbia, SC.

A really nice cigar lounge/bar setting. Service was excellent.

As i walked into the humidor the CAO AMERICA screamed my name! How fitting.

With a mix of fillers from America, Nicaraguan, Italian and Dominican it’s a win.

CAO has always had a rock steady catalog to choose from. The attention to detail and the hi standards maintained in making this cigar, seemed hand in hand with the Honor and Principles instilled into my son.


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