Asylum 13 Medulla

This lil beauty came as a surprise. Having had Asylum 13 cigars in the past I felt confident that I  would not be disappointed. Not knowing much of anything about this cigar my taste buds and curiosity was aroused upon my first glimpse of the scent of this amazing Honduran wrapper! It really takes specific cigars to really introduce their inner pleasure without even lighting or taking a cold draw. I was extremely curious as to how these amazing spice scents that my senses were experiencing would taste.

First off, the construction was as expected from Asylum 13, (ON POINT). after making my initial cut i proceeded to take the first cold draw and was confronted with zero resistance. Toasting the end and taking the first draw enveloped my adolescent palate. The spicy flavors that overwhelmed my faculties were not short of amazing . I truly tasted a white peppery, spice  concoction that was prominent and very clear.

You see i’ve always heard these reviews where people are so detailed in what they are tasting whether it be earthy notes or hints of leather or 14 day old cocoa. Its been a challenge at times to get such a detailed palate. as time has progressed my experience has helped aid me in my flavor distinctions. This particular cigar, tho spoke to me clearly and beautifully. from start to finish the white pepper spicy melee was clear as day. What an eye opening experience. I wish all cigars spoke so clearly.

A true pleasure to smoke i cant wait to experience its family member the Oblongata!  A definite must try!

Thank you Asylum 13…….

Wrapper-Binder-Filler- Honduran

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