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Padron 45 year Anniversary

In celebration of their 45th anniversary. Padron has a long history of creating some the worlds finest cigar beginning with a dream in the 60’s. A three time winner of Cigar Aficionado’s, Cigar of the Year Award. An amazing accomplishment. Since I was introduced to the world of cigars, I have never and i can […]

Asylum 13 Medulla

This lil beauty came as a surprise. Having had Asylum 13 cigars in the past I felt confident that I  would not be disappointed. Not knowing much of anything about this cigar my taste buds and curiosity was aroused upon my first glimpse of the scent of this amazing Honduran wrapper! It really takes specific […]

Bringing in the Decade! 2020

As the new year has befallen us I only saw it fitting to start this new decade with none other than the Rocky Patel Decade 10th Anniversary. Such a pleasure to smoke. I could taste the peppery/ spicy notes with a hint of chocolate. So easy to smoke with an insanely easy draw. Only made […]

Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema

Coming in with a 95 rating as well as holding the #3 spot for 2013. This gorgeous cigar from Davidoff is an absolute pleasure to experience.  To tell you the truth what intentionally drew me to this cigar was not only the name but the shape as well. It helps when a cigar is sexy […]


Gurkha, holy chit! I found this one at a really nice cigar lounge in Mcgregor, TX. I was looking for something to bring in the new year and Gurkha just seemed appropriate. The person working the counter recommended it and said you will absolutely enjoy this one. Not knowing what to expect I decided to […]

Always a solid choice.

When i think of having a cigar. Nine times outta ten, Padron is among the pics. The Padron 3000 Robusto is an automatic yes. Thru the years i can think of only a few cigars that i could blindly pic and know they are winners. This cigar wrapped in a sexy, oily Maduro wrapper is […]

Only the America will do!

One of the greatest pleasures as a father, was to see my son graduate basic training for the U.S. Army. An overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment mixed with love was the feeling of the day. Due to the regulations on base as well as the weather. Smoking a cigar turned out to be quite […]

Happy New Year

Another year down and another one to go! Gonna miss the Christmas season. It’s the most favorite time of the year for me. I love the decorations and atmosphere of the holidays. The cold weather is great to wear your favorite hoodie. It’s also a great time to relax and spend time with friends and […]

2018 Everyday Smoke

Smoking everyday can become a costly endeavor. One of the main ‘workhorses’ of the past years has been the Gurkha Prize Fighter. I’m not usually a big fan of connecticut wrappers, but this one in particular I’ve found to never disappoint. Found this gem in a local humidor. This gorgeous Ecuadorian wrapper with a double […]