Davidoff Nicaragua Diadema

Coming in with a 95 rating as well as holding the #3 spot for 2013. This gorgeous cigar from Davidoff is an absolute pleasure to experience.  To tell you the truth what intentionally drew me to this cigar was not only the name but the shape as well. It helps when a cigar is sexy on appearance. Superbly constructed with an oily sheen was enough.

Smoking this full flavored treat, I am enveloped with what i would call a pleasant peppery tart taste (mind you,I am not an expert) which stayed consistent through a majority of the stick. In the end winding down to a steady mix of sweet leathery tartness. A flawless draw accompanied this amazing experience.

A definite must try in the cigar world. A little pricey for the Average Joes income but well well worth it.

Wrapper-Nicaragua Habano Rosado

Binder-Nicaragua Habano

Filler- Nicaragua Esteli Visus- Condega Ligero-Ometepe Visus



Gurkha, holy chit! I found this one at a really nice cigar lounge in Mcgregor, TX.

I was looking for something to bring in the new year and Gurkha just seemed appropriate.

The person working the counter recommended it and said you will absolutely enjoy this one. Not knowing what to expect I decided to try this one. I was told it was the ‘Bourbon one’ .

Upon the the New Year’s arrival , I broke her out and looked it over. Encased in a glass tube and sealed with black wax it was like waiting for a movie I’ve been wanting to see start.

Once I cut open the wax, Mother of Holy Aromas!

I could definitely smell the  bourbon, a sweet liquor smell that had invaded every inch of this fine cigar.

Cut it and took a dry hit, the bourbon notes were not overpowering and left a great taste to the lip. I chose the Churchill which is a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro. A silky smooth creamy appearance. What a way to bring in the New Year!  Turned out to be an extremely enjoyable stogie. Smoked it to the nub.

How did you bring in the New Year?


Always a solid choice.

When i think of having a cigar. Nine times outta ten, Padron is among the pics. The Padron 3000 Robusto is an automatic yes. Thru the years i can think of only a few cigars that i could blindly pic and know they are winners.

This cigar wrapped in a sexy, oily Maduro wrapper is a dream come true.

Full of Nicaraguan insides. This is a power house of flavor with an effortless draw, an absolute must for me.

If ever in doubt about what to smoke. Trust and Believe this one will never let you down.

Padron itself has an amazing catalog of choices. The 80th year anniversary is among one of my all time favorites!


Let me know what your ‘rock steady’ cigars are.

Only the America will do!

One of the greatest pleasures as a father, was to see my son graduate basic training for the U.S. Army. An overwhelming feeling of pride and accomplishment mixed with love was the feeling of the day.

Due to the regulations on base as well as the weather. Smoking a cigar turned out to be quite the exercise. During the course of the day we were able to find a nice cigar lounge, off base.

We ended up at the Towne Centre  Tobacco & Wine Shop in Columbia, SC.

A really nice cigar lounge/bar setting. Service was excellent.

As i walked into the humidor the CAO AMERICA screamed my name! How fitting.

With a mix of fillers from America, Nicaraguan, Italian and Dominican it’s a win.

CAO has always had a rock steady catalog to choose from. The attention to detail and the hi standards maintained in making this cigar, seemed hand in hand with the Honor and Principles instilled into my son.


Happy New Year

Another year down and another one to go!

Gonna miss the Christmas season. It’s the most favorite time of the year for me. I love the decorations and atmosphere of the holidays. The cold weather is great to wear your favorite hoodie.

It’s also a great time to relax and spend time with friends and family.

You’ll usually find me in ending up in the garage burning a stogie with a couple people just ‘Livin the Dream’.

Cigars i’ve found are one of the most stealthiest social lubricants ever conceived. Its amazing the diversity amongst cigar smokers. No matter what walk of life or belief system, a good cigar cuts right thru that.

I look forward to sharing my cigar experiences with you all and hearing yours as well.

2018 Everyday Smoke

Smoking everyday can become a costly endeavor. One of the main ‘workhorses’ of the past years has been the Gurkha Prize Fighter. I’m not usually a big fan of connecticut wrappers, but this one in particular I’ve found to never disappoint. Found this gem in a local humidor.

This gorgeous Ecuadorian wrapper with a double binder combo of Indonesian and Ecuadorian goodness and last but not least. Dominican fillers.

With an effortless draw and a mildish flavor. Not to mention a ridiculously friendly price point.

This cigar has found a permanent home in my humidor.

If im with a virgin smoker, this is usually on the menu for introductory smokes.

One of the many many home- runs offered from the Gurkha catalog.

Coming in at 2-4$ on average it’s truly unbeatable.  A Robusto is the perfect size for that at work lunch smoke. I prefer the Gordo for home.

If you come across this cigar, feel free to share your experience.